This is a tribute to ALL our fallen soldiers, but a special nod to those Women who have also fallen in the line of battle. We hope you will take time to reflect on those who have given their lives and those who continue to serve to keep this great country free!! 

More details, behind the scene pictures and videos as well as the complete "making of THAT'S EMILY" page to come soon! 

Now, please enjoy THAT'S EMILY!

2018 Back from the Dead Tour....

In the fall of 2016 Sierra Shame played what we all thought was our last concert. More than a decade of rocking the mid-west had come to an end. A great show, wonderful crowd, a few tears and we were done.......or so we thought. 

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the "NEW" Sierra Shame! Dallas and Jeff are back as the full-throttle front line of the band, but now with a new guitarist and drummer to keep the Sierra Shame blood-line flowing. 

Several dates are being set as we speak for 2018. Check back often to see updates on the bands activities and new show dates as they are confirmed. 

It's great to be back and we can't wait to come to rock your town! 

‚ÄčSierra Shame